Thank you, Silent Night Runners, for joining the project that started in 2012.

Running in silence somehow made sense to us. Silence has always been a big concept in every spiritual teaching. We felt that running could be a journey of self awareness as well. We started to run in silence to practice attention, inner peace and our human ability to communicate without the use of spoken language. To gain insight, self-knowledge and maybe even to find some answers to life’s bigger questions. And with the ultimate goal of being OK with who we are and where we are in our life just right now.

The Silent Night Run is not a race. It’s not about how fast of how far we can run. It’s about creating a unique moment in time and sharing that experience together.

Theme of Stadswild Silent Night Run – original edition 2018: True Identity 

We are all runners. No matter in what shape you are, which size you have or how fast you are, you run. And every runner knows, the more you run, the closer you get to your true identity.

When you get in that flow, zone or runner’s high, the way society defines you dissolves. You experience a moment of clarity and a sense of who you truly are.

For this year’s original edition of the Silent Night Run, Stadswild has invited artists, creatives and trainers who express their true identity through their work and creations.

In this event we run together and meet each other as who we truly are. In silence.

Juri & Angélique, creators of Stadswild 

PS The Original Edition is a preview of the magical Premium Edition of the Silent Night Run. This is the flagship event of Stadswild. Subscribe to our mailinglist and you know first how to be part of this high-end running experience.

Stadswild team taking the stage…

Carmen, Fodé, Daniëlle & Jermain. An amazing team of trainers that guided all runners in absolute silence through the streets of Amsterdam, making sure everyone felt safe.

Hedwig Vervoort – Indifferent Nude

Fashion designer Hedwig Vervoort shares her thoughts with the Silent Night Runners with the movie Indifferent Nude. Through this movie and the tableau vivant created exclusively for this event, Hedwig questions how the image of the world could be if we could accept diversity. An utopia. Free of judgement around culture, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation. Hedwig presented a strong image without any loudness. Just peaceful human beings, floating through the crowd of runners, being true to who they are.

Running Amsterdam

Conservatorium Hotel

Larz & Coach Jay at Stedelijk

The loudest trainers of Amsterdam Larz & Coach Jay failed to be silent. Because being loud is part of their True Identity.

Sound delivered by Teufel Audio.

For this occasion the Stedelijk Museum played a video of the Stadswild Silent Night Run, announcing this summer the Stedelijk will collaborate with Stadswild for the magical Premium Edition of the Silent Night Run. The Premium Edition is our flagship event and happens only once a year…

Edwin Sander Food Creativ

The talented and multi awarded chef Edwin Sander is not that loud in real life. He’s more an observer. And whatever intrigues him, he translates into food creations. For this event, he shared a vegan chocolate treat. Food tasting from a state of higher alertness and silence…

Running Amsterdam