So that was fun…Last Sunday the very first festival edition of the Stadswild Secret Yoga Club took place. We were thinking about organizing a small, sweet yoga festival for maybe a year or so. A festival you would feel at home, not lost in the crowd. Because here’s the thing. We at Stadswild LOVE living in a city. The city gives you the freedom to be a bit anonymous, to be a bit different. But a city can also be a lonely place. A very lonely place.

In this digital age we are 27/4 hyperconnected, yet there is this sense of loneliness. We are fused with our phones, communicating constantly with people from around the globe and social media has become a new reality. But how about the person right next to you in real life? How about being present right here, right now?

With our Stadswild events and with the Secret Yoga Club, we are aiming to find more meaning and truthfulness in real life.

So as for our idea to organize a small, sweet festival, we thought the downtown shala of Svaha Yoga right next to probably the busiest street of Amsterdam, would be perfect. But would Svaha Yoga like the idea of us taking over their shala? Those of you who know Svaha Yoga, know that co-founder Gösta has this enormous bullshit radar. He heard us out and there it was. A giant smile and an even bigger ‘YES!’

Last Sunday we took a ride in the Svaha rollercoaster. It was all, and even more, than we hoped it would be. To be surrounded by kind hearts, minds alike and this overwhelming sense that you are welcome just the way you are. Doing your asana’s while Visage is taking you back to eighties, watching the Zoë’s video ‘Atman Survives’ (yes, at Svaha they sure know how to laugh at themselves!),  listening to an aria (by the brilliant soprano Hildur Hafstad from Iceland), walking through the historic streets of Amsterdam and being surprised by this beautiful poem of Hilmano van Velzen (aka ‘Dakloze Dichter’) and closing the day with a mesmerizing sound bath by Shift Meditation– it was just a perfect day.

Thank you all, you wonderful Secret Yogi’s for joining us. Thank you for making time in your busy schedules and taking a leap of faith to spend a whole Sunday with us. As this is the Secret Yoga Club, you never know what the event will be. You showed a true yogi spirit by just showing up with an open mind, a kind heart and trusting it will be OK.

And thank you, thank you, thank you Svaha Yoga and your wonderful teachers Gösta, Josie, Mark & Afke. Through all the swearing and f…-bombs we felt the love. A genuine, heartfelt love. 

We are grateful,

Juri & Angélique

PS thank you Yogi Tea, ChariTea & Rude Health!

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Svaha Yoga was founded by Gösta & Patrick in 1999. Without any investors or ambition to be the next gurus, Patrick & Gösta build the foundation of the modern yoga culture in The Netherlands. They were the initiators, the trail blazers and risk takers. They put all their savings, passion and dedication into shaping their own world: Svaha Yoga, a worldwide known and respected yoga institute. Throughout the years Svaha Yoga has become a second home to artists, eccentrics, international celebrities, misfits, dreamers and stray yogis roaming the canals of Amsterdam.

Svaha Yoga teachers are of an unique kind. At Stadswild we love and fully respect their authentic, outspoken and colorful personalities. Svaha Yoga teachers are for real. They have fought their battles in life and their hearts are equally filled with courage and compassion. However, Svaha Yoga teachers will make you see that yoga, as life itself, is not only about rainbows and unicorns. If you can handle honesty, some self reflection and maybe some swearing next to Sanskrit chanting, then Svaha might just be the place you feel most at home.