Thank you, Silent Night Runners, for joining the project that started in 2012.

Running in silence somehow made sense to us. Silence has always been a big concept in every spiritual teaching. We felt that running could be a journey of self awareness as well. We started to run in silence to practice attention, inner peace and our human ability to communicate without the use of spoken language. To gain insight, self-knowledge and reflect on some of life’s bigger questions with the ultimate goal of being OK with who we are and where we are in our life just right now.

The Silent Night Run is not a race. It’s not about how fast of how far we can run. It’s about creating a unique moment in time and sharing that experience together.

We Are Stardust

Even in this digital age we still have the same questions as our ancestors. Looking at the stars, wondering what is out there and why we are here.

It is said that humans and their galaxy have about 97 percent of the same kind of atoms. Could it be we are stardust and that we are all connected by the universe?

For this year’s premium edition of the Stadswild Silent Night Run, we invited artists to inspire us to connect with our intuition, emotions and inner wisdom. These qualities are the foundation of true connection, the essence of what makes of human and what defines art.

Janet Vollebregt: chakra crystals seen from outer space

The Stadswild Silent Night Run started with standing in front of the Chakra Totem Pole to energize and harmonize our chakra’s through the energy and light of crystals. The Chakra Totem Pole is a creation of artist and architect Janet Vollebregt. Janet works with essential energy, or ‘Chi’. Therefor her work is called Art.Chi.Texture.

Janet lives partly in Brasil, in a place located on the biggest crystal plate on earth. This plate lit up when NASA took photos from outer space. The crystals that are found in the region are the crystals you will mainly find in her Art.Chi.Textures.

Babette Labeij Music Academy & Loutje Hoekstra: is there life on Mars?

David Bowie’s rise to fame manifested itself in a moment in time when mankind could travel to space. Science and technology were highly praised. Knowledge before ancient wisdom. The question ‘Is there life on Mars?’ might be very well representing the question ‘is this the best we as a human race can do?’ Bowie’s lyrics are about escapism through entertainment, without questioning what is morally wrong or right. Although the song was released in 1971 and technology has even more taken over our daily lives, we can’t help but still wonder – is this the best we can do?

Bowie’s song, the energy and emotions of the choir of the Babette Labeij Music Academy sparked the imagination and intuition of visual artist Loutje Hoekstra to draw a portrait in just a few minutes.

Cosmania & Zofia Hanna: the concept of time

Listening to an aria can be a transcending experience. Mezzo-soprano Zofia Hanna has been a loyal member of the Stadswild-community for years and we have experienced more than once how her vocals stir up emotions from a deeper level. Accompanied by a scent experience, Zofia sang the aria ‘As with Rosy steps the morn’ from Händel’s oratorio Theodora. Although not popular in Händel’s days, Theodora is now recognized as a masterpiece. Is there such a thing as the right time and place or is a thing of beauty universal and never bound by our earthly concept of time?

Street artist: the law of attraction in action

At one of the most crowded areas of Amsterdam on a Friday night, no-one was paying attention to a group of street artists. ‘I would like to perform but I don’t have a crowd,’ one of the guys said to no one in particular. But the universe took notice. Our group of 148 silent runners showed up right after the street artist asked for a crowd. ‘This is weird…,’ he said and then gave us a magical performance.

Dennis Diem: private universe

Dennis Diem is one the leading fashion designers of The Netherlands. His atelier, located in the heart of the Red-Light District, is like his own private universe. Once you enter his atelier you will find yourself a bit disorientated. You are not fully aware of date, place and time. But you are fully aware of the artist that lives and creates here. For this edition of the Stadswild Silent Night Run Dennis Diem invited all runners to his private universe where his muses live. 

A heartfelt thank you for all who joined this year’s premium edition of the Stadswild Silent Night Run. Thank you for having an open mind, a kind heart and believing that we are stardust. 

Juri & Angélique

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Special thanks to:

Conservatorium Hotel, Stedelijk Museum, Het Concertgebouw & Cosmania

Janet Vollebregt, Babette Labeij Music Academy, Loutje Hoekstra, Zofia Hanna, Dennis Diem

Video: Holy Cow Media 

Photos: Tristan Melano