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A Yoga Festival Without Feeling Lost In The Crowd

 The Stadswild Secret Yoga Club is a community where we make an effort to let go of our constant battle to be more, better or even perfect.

Join our practice to find more meaning and truthfulness in where we are in our lives.

Welcome To The World Of Svaha Yoga

The Festival Edition of the Stadswild Secret Yoga Club takes place in Amsterdam, at Svaha Yoga – the downtown shala.

Svaha Yoga was founded by Gösta & Patrick in 1999. Without any investors or ambition to be the next gurus, Patrick & Gösta build the foundation of the modern yoga culture in The Netherlands. They were the initiators, the trail blazers and risk takers. They put all their savings, passion and dedication into shaping their own world: Svaha Yoga, a worldwide known and respected yoga institute. Throughout the years Svaha Yoga has become a second home to artists, eccentrics, international celebrities, misfits, dreamers and stray yogis roaming the canals of Amsterdam.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Svaha Yoga teachers are of an unique kind. At Stadswild we love and fully respect their authentic, outspoken and colorful personalities. Svaha Yoga teachers are for real. They have fought their battles in life and their hearts are equally filled with courage and compassion. However, Svaha Yoga teachers will make you see that yoga, as life itself, is not only about rainbows and unicorns. If you can handle honesty, some self reflection and maybe some swearing next to Sanskrit chanting, then get your ticket for a ride on the Svaha-rollercoaster. Because we guarantee you, if you open your mind and heart you will laugh (a lot!) and you will feel life flowing through every vein in your whole incredible being. 


(only 100 tickets available)

When: September 3rd

Where: Svaha Yoga – downtown shala (Begijnensteeg 1, 1012 PN Amsterdam)

Time: 9AM – 5PM

Your Ticket Includes:

++ 4 Secret Yoga Workshops

++ 3 Special Moments Of Self Reflection

++ Free healthy drinks & bites throughout the whole day

++ A very nice goody bag!

PLEASE NOTE: as this is the Stadswild Secret Yoga Club, the full details of the program will remain a secret. Just show up with an open mind & a kind heart. We promise you a festival that will touch your soul and uplift your spirit. 



59per ticket
  • Ticket sale starts June 12th, 8 PM
  • Ticket sale ends June 19th, 8 PM


69per ticket
  • Ticket sale starts June 19th, 8 PM
  • Ticket sale ends August 19th, 8 PM


79per ticket
  • Ticket sale starts August 19th, 8 PM
  • Ticket ends when sold out

Join Our Community Of Secret Yogi’s

“Al sinds de oprichting ben ik fan! De essentie van Stadswild, en daarmee ook de Secret Yoga Club, is bestaande concepten bekijken vanuit een ander perspectief ”


“Chosen by Your Little Black Book as one of the six best places to do yoga in Amsterdam”


“Heerlijk, yoga doen onder begeleiding van zwoele klanken”      


   “ De eerste editie was in het sensuele Panama, de tweede in de prachtige, historische aula van Het Amsterdams Lyceum. Wij vinden het een prachtinitiatief”



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