Men should do yoga. 5 reasons why.

Someone who already figured out men should do yoga, is our Stadswild At Heart-member, Jan-Hein. On this picture you see him demonstrating ‘Lord Of The Dance Pose’ or if you like to know the Sanskrit name, Natarajasana.

But not all men are comfortable getting on the mat

At Stadswild we encourage men to give yoga a try. Why? Because there are plenty of good reasons why men should do yoga. Science shows us that yoga relieves stress, improves your mood and immune system, increases your flexibility and you will notice in just a few sessions how your posture is improving. All these benefits do not apply on women exclusively- yoga is for everyone!

As for the many, many benefits yoga has to offer, here are 5 reasons why men definitely should consider yoga:

1. Your body will thank you for it

You will get stronger and more flexible. Yoga can be a powerful physical practice that incorporates every muscle in your body. The yoga poses will challenge both your body and mind. The warrior poses require a strong body and a patient mind. The downward facing dog will tell you just how flexible you are in your hamstrings. Every pose will give you a new experience and new insights.

2. You will feel the energy buzzing through your entire body

Doing yoga right away after getting out of bed in the morning will increase your energy levels. Something you will benefit from the rest of the day. You will feel less anxious, more focused and more alert.

3. You will get rid of that stiffness in your back and shoulders

Sitting in the car and behind your desk all day will make your back and shoulders feel stiff and painful. Yoga is known to be hugely beneficial in working out this stiffness. You will stretch your muscles and release tension.

4. You can say bye bye to stress

Imagine how great it would be if you would experience less stress in traffic, at the office and at home. A lot of men thrive on stress. They work hard, play hard and party hard. Stress can actually make you feel good and it can enhance your performance. But only for a very, very short time. In the long run, stress will drain you. We live in a very demanding society and what we need to maintain our health and our level of performance is balance. Yoga provides balance in both body and mind. Invest time in yoga and you will gain focus, alertness, energy and good health.

5. Yoga is good for you libido

What can I say? It just is. There are many reasons why yogi’s have this overall happy glow. This is one of them.

Do you need more reasons to do yoga? Tell us, we are happy to share them with you!

See you at Stadswild,
x Angélique

PS: wanna join us on the mat? Every Tuesday we do yoga. Check out our class schedule or sign-up for our newsletter to know first when we do a pop-up yoga event!

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