Do you know what it means when you say Namasté?

You do it after each yoga class. But what does it all mean? Placing your hands together in front of your chest, bowing the head while saying ‘Namasté’. It seems just like a yogi way to say bye-bye. But did you know that with this gesture, you are acknowledging the soul in one by the soul in another?

Namasté represents a deep spiritual connection between all living beings

In my very first yoga class, I simply repeated after class what my teacher said. I’m pretty sure I just mumbled something that vaguely sounded like ‘Namasté’. I honestly had no clue what I was saying. I did however sensed there should be a deeper meaning behind this ritual of placing your hands in front of your heart, bowing your head and closing your eyes.  Placing the hands together feels like praying and bowing the head feels like showing your humbleness.

So I did some research and found so much beauty in this single word

There is much more to the gesture and word Namasté than meets the eye. It has a deep spiritual significance. When you greet someone with Namasté, it means you recognise that there is a light, a divinity or whatever you want to name the life force that is the same all living beings. With Namasté you greet one another from this place of all that is good and pure. One of the many interpretations that is given to namasté is ‘the divine in me honors the devine in you’.

Why do we say it after yoga class?

For a teacher and student, saying Namasté allows two people to come together on an energetical level and to connect from a place where there are no ego’s. The teacher says Namasté first as a symbol of gratitude and respect towards the students and to his or her own teachers and as an invitation to the students to participate in this energy. The yogi’s believe that if you connect in their lineage you allow the truth to flow- the truth that we are all one when we live from the heart.

stadswild yoga

So yes, Namasté is more than just saying hello or bye-bye…

Still, if you want to use it in that way – I guess it’s fine as it will generate some good vibes one way or another. And who knows, the universe might pick up on it.

Untill then- Namasté,

x Angélique



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  1. lies 26 juli 2015 at 17:19 - Reply

    very nice angelique, thanks.

    • Angelique
      Angelique 26 juli 2015 at 18:54 - Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post, Lies. Much appreciated!

  2. Bas Grevelink 17 augustus 2015 at 15:40 - Reply

    Ha, yes! Nice! Exactly as I experienced last sunday in the Concertgebouw! :).

    • Angelique
      Angelique 19 augustus 2015 at 23:41 - Reply

      That’s beautiful Bas 😉 xx

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